Best Surfboards

Best Surfboards

Choosing the right surfboard is crucial for having the best surf experience, and this is true for all surfers, no matter their skill level. If you are an expert surfer, then you know the right kind of board to get.

Even intermediate surfers have a fairly good idea about which board types are intended for the kind of wave they want to tackle. However, beginners do not have the same kind of knowledge the experts possess, so they need some guidance.

One thing skilled surfers know is that there is no perfect surfboard. While one brand may be ideal for a certain type of wave, it may not be the best fit for the expertise or fitness level of the surfer. If you are serious about riding the waves and wish to be a regular surfer, it will do you a lot of good to build a quiver that consists of boards that come in different shapes and sizes.

As a novice, you would need just one good beginner surfboard; as you develop your skill and technique, you will outgrow your first board and will naturally look for a board that will provide greater challenge so you can refine your skills.

Choosing a Surfboard: Some Considerations

Are you a beginner?

As a beginner, you want to get a board that will give you stability and plenty of volume. Most novice surfers opt for longboards that are seven or eight feet long, at least 22 inches wide and approximately three inches thick. These dimensions enable the surfer to be comfortable and confident as he paddles and maneuvers in the water and pop up and dismount from the board.

Beginners are advised to get a board with a soft top, as softboards lessen injuries and accidents, aside from allowing the surfer the buoyancy (float) and stability he needs to improve his skills.

As you develop your skill and confidence, you might start considering getting a shorter fiberglass board made for more advanced techniques.

Fitness level

Experienced surfers know that how fit they are also factors in to the kind of waves they want to surf, and the type of boards they ought to get. Even if you are an expert surfer you can’t expect yourself to be as fit as you were, say, ten years ago. Therefore you must choose a board with your fitness level in mind.

As the years pass, you develop skill and girth, so your choice of surfboards must also reflect these developments – you could get thicker and wider boards that could support the decrease in your fitness level. Be realistic; ultrathin boards are cool, yes, but breaking them (and your back) is not – so get something that’s right for you.

Age is another factor to consider since older surfers tend to tire easier, they need boards that have more volume than younger surfers who have more endurance.

Height and weight

The height and weight of the surfer also matters. Logically, the bigger you are, the bigger your board must be.

Your size is another important consideration you need to factor in when deciding which board to get – which is why you must always look at the specifications and features of a surfboard before you buy. You must ensure that the volume of the board can support you.

The wave type you want to surf

Different locations produce different conditions and wave types which is why you need to build a wide collection of boards in your quiver if you wish to surf most anywhere.

Maximizing your time in the water entails growing your quiver with the right kind of boards that are a right fit to your skill level, fitness level and size. By combining these elements with the type of wave you want to surf you will be able to build the best quiver that will provide you an even higher performance and more enjoyable time in the water.

Do you need a beginner surfboard? Since choosing one can be rather difficult, we have listed three beginner boards and their pros and cons. Hopefully from our suggestions, you can choose one that will be right for you, your skill level, size, and budget.





  RAYSTREAK 8’2″ Premium Soft Top Surfboard (Orange) $$ 4.6/5
  Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board $$ 3.9/5
  Quest Surf Twin Fin Hybrid Body Board, 47″ $ 4 / 5
  The Light – 7’ Performance Soft Top Longboard by Greco Surf $$$ 4.6/5
  The Greco Surf 2.0 – 8′ Performance Soft Top Longboard $$$ 4.6/5
  Keeper Sports Products’ California Board Company Foam Surf Board, 9-Feet $$$ 4.2/5
  Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surf Foamie Boards Surfing Beach Ocean Body Boarding White $ 4.6/5
North Gear 6ft Foam Surfboard $ 3.8/5
  WavestormTM 8′ Pinstripe Graphic Classic Surfboard $$ 4.3/5
  Vew-Do Surf 36 Balance Board w/Roller $$ 5/5

RAYSTREAK 8’2″ Premium Soft Top Surfboard (Orange)


If you are looking for your first surfboard you must consider the unspoken rule about getting a board that is long and wide. Soft top longboards with good widths provide the stability and float a novice surfer needs, not to mention the safety it provides.

One of the best foam longboards on the market today is the Raystreak, an 8’2” long foamy that is ideal not just for beginners but also for more experienced surfers who are out on the water riding the waves.

Here’s what users have to say about the Eden:


  • Provides many hours of fun for both adults and children. If you are a beginner, you will have the support and buoyancy you need from the way this board is constructed. Even your kids will have a great time using the board as a paddleboard, and if they are confident, they can even practice standing up on the board.
  • The materials used are strong yet light, ensuring safety and hours of fun.
  • This foamboard is thicker than the average longboard so it provides more stability; it is also thicker than most longboards which gives it great buoyancy that keeps users from overexerting themselves as they paddle.
  • The soft top, which is made of high quality IXPE, serves as a built-in safety feature for the board, protecting the user from injuries and accidents.


  • Because of its extra length, this board can present some steering problems, especially for beginners.  However, that’s just how longboards are. If you want stability and floatability then you have to learn maneuvering, which you can do through continuous practice.
  • The Raystreak Croc can be a bit big and bulky, making it difficult to carry around.
  • Because it is a foam surfboard, the Eden has a tendency to blister when exposed to the sun. Therefore extra care must be taken. You must keep it in the shade when not in use. When outside, you can turn it face down, so the underside is facing the sun.

Get the Raystreak 8’2” and experience the performance of a longboard while enjoying the recreation a surfing brings.

Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board

If you are on the lookout for a surfboard for your kid, then the Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board is the ideal choice. Measuring 6’ x 20” x 2.5,”this foam board is perfect to get your child started in the arduous yet fun sport that is surfing.

Here’s what users have to say about the Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboard:


  • Solid yet lightweight, this foam surfboard is ideal for novice surfers because it has a soft top that helps prevent accidents and injuries commonly experienced while learning.
  • This foamy board is also very portable and just the right size for kids to lug around and bring from the car to the beach or from the shore to the water.
  • Highly buoyant and stable, the board is a very good starter foamy for kids, allowing them to gain balance and confidence as they ride.
  • The board’s three fins are made of flexible and rounded plastic that ensures safety for your child and those around him as he gets used to dealing with the water’s unpredictable movement.


  • This board is not recommended for adults; unlike bigger foamies that can be shared by parents and kids, this softboard might just be a little too small for adults, especially those who still do not know their way around a surfboard.
  • Unlike the Greco Surf Eden, this board does not come with a leash to help your kid stay on the board. You have to spend a little extra on getting a separate leash.
  • Because of its soft top the board can very easily suffer scratches, dings and other marks, so extra care must be taken.

Learning to surf is not as expensive as you think; by getting a beginner surfboard like the liquid Shredder, you can start your kid on learning to surf while saving up for bigger and better boards as he develops and advances his skills.

Quest Surf Twin Fin Hybrid Body Board, 47″

Can’t be bothered by the blackball flags in your local beach scene? Get yourself the Twin fin Hybrid body board from Quest Boards, maker of premium skateboards, snowboards and surfboards.

Fusing the floatability of a surfboard and the length of a body board, the Twin Fin is ideal for having fun in the waves, regardless of blackball calls on the beach.

Here’s what users have to say about the Quest Surf Twin Fin Hybrid Body Board:


  • Because it does not look as overwhelming as a full surfboard it is an ideal board for kids who might be interested in surfing.
  • This mini surfboard comes with dual fins that allow the user to steer and control the board better. The fins also help in making the board stable and buoyant which users need in order to balance themselves.
  • If you have been body boarding for some time and wish to make the transition to surfing, this foamy will help ease the transition.
  • Comes with a leash to help the user stay on the board.


  • The Twin Fin is not considered a full surfboard because of its size and construction. However, it does not really claim to be a full surfboard so users are told upfront about what it really is.
  • Users might be frustrated about how they cannot steer this hybrid body board as they would a shortboard. They might also find that it does not have the same floatability of longboards.

Snooty, high-brow surfers might not care for the Quest Surf Twin Fin Hybrid Body Board, but even experienced surfers cannot deny the fact that the Twin Fin can provides them hours of fun in the water during blackball situations that longboards and shortboards cannot.

If what you are after is fun in the water, then this hybrid board from Quest deserves a place in your quiver.

The Light – 7’ Performance Soft Top Longboard by Greco Surf

If you want to switch from a smaller board to a big one, the Greco Surf Light is for you. The Greco Surf team knows that transitioning from a nine or an eight-foot board to something smaller can be challenging, so they have come up with the Light, a seven-foot foamboard that makes the adjustment a lot easier.

Here’s what users have to say about the 7’ Performance Soft Top Longboard by Greco Surf:


  • The Light is clearly a beginner softboard, but that does not mean that more experienced surfers will not be able to use it. Unlike fiberglass surfboards that require a lot of work and effort, the Light makes for easier paddling, which translates to a lot of surfing fun and pleasure.
  • It is a known fact that the longer the board, the more stable it is. But even then, the Light offers enough stability to give beginning surfers the confidence and support they need as they learn the ropes.
  • Lightweight and durable, this softboard is designed in a way that showcases the Greco Surf team’s great attention to detail.


  • Like all softboards, the Light is not safe from warping and bubbling, due to its construction. To avoid this, make sure that you keep the board away from sun exposure by lying it face down so that the glossy underside is what faces the sun. You must also make sure to maintain it by storing it properly when not in use.
  • All Greco Surf boards tend to be slippery so the Light needs regular waxing unlike other boards.
  • One user mentioned a durability issue which was not resolved even after the user had been guided by the Greco Surf team through the repair process.

If fun in the water is what you want, then the Greco Surf Light is the performance longboard for you. This soft top board, which is on sale at Amazon for around $240, is the perfect size for those who wish to go from using the longboard to making waves with the short board without having to make any big or sudden adjustments.

With the materials and construction of the Light, users like you will surely have fun while advancing their surfing skills.

The Greco Surf 2.0 – 8′ Performance Soft Top Longboard

Are you a beginner surfer looking to buy your first board? Then the Greco Surf 2.0 is the board for you. As you might already know from research, going big and long is the way to go in buying a surfboard- especially if you are just learning how to ride. Thin and sleek might be cool but you will have much more stability when you start out with a longboard, such as the 2.0.

Here’s what users have to say about the Greco Surf 2.0:


  • The 2.0 provides great stability making it a perfect board for novice surfers.
  • The thickness and buoyancy of the board makes it very easy even for beginners to paddle and catch waves, unlike fiberglass boards that sink more into the water, requiring more work from the surfer.
  • Since the Greco surf 2.0 is a softboard, it decreases the risk of injuries and accidents, especially for beginners who are still learning.
  • Durable and portable, the 2.0 offers great value for your money and delivers more surfing fun and enjoyment than most foam (and fiberglass) surfboards.


  • The 2.0 is a soft board, and like all soft boards, it’s prone to blistering when left under the sun for extended periods of time – no matter how long or short. To avoid this, you must never leave your board under the sun. If it cannot be helped turn the board upside down so the white glossy side is the one facing the sun or put it in the shade (a big umbrella to cover it would be helpful too).
  • Can be more difficult to maneuver compared to short boards but that is how longboards generally are.

Don’t waste your time, your money and your effort in looking for another longboard. Greco Surf has always been regarded as a highly reputable name in the softboard business, which is why we recommend getting the 2.0, one of the best longboard foamies the company produces.

No matter your level of expertise, you will surely have a lot of fun riding the waves with this foam longboard, on sale now for around $250 at Amazon.


If you want to have some fun in the water and are not really looking to become a pro surfboarder who joins competitions, then the Quest Surf Twin Fin Hybrid Body Board is enough to provide you hours of enjoyment as you ride the waves.

Available on Amazon for only around $70, you can never go wrong in choosing the Twin Fin as your go-to board for some fun in the waves.

If you wish to learn the basics of surfing and progress to become a proficient surfer, it would be ideal to start with a longboard such as the Greco Surf Eden.

The Eden will provide you the stability and buoyancy you need to master balancing on the board as you ride the waves. Available on Amazon at a sale price of oughly $280, this soft top longboard is a good investment for every novice surfer.

Now if you are choosing a surfboard for your child, then we recommend getting the Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board. This is the perfect size and shape for a child who is just going through the basics of paddling and riding a board. It is available on Amazon for around $150 and makes a perfect gift for any young aspiring surfer.